About Shop with Anaïs

About shop with Anaïs

Hi all! I’m Marj, creator of this short and big curly-haired bubbly character sticker named Anaïs.

Anaïs is a French name meaning “grace” and “merciful”. It is pronounced as “Ahn-ay-ees”, just in case you are all wondering.Hehe. I personally like the name hence I named it to my own little sticker.

I started illustrating Anaïs on 2019. Honestly, I did not know that I can draw, so it took me a while to practice and come up with her signature look.

And I guess we all share the same passion for journaling and collecting of planner related stuff and I'm hoping that my crafts will also be included in your wonderful planning journey. :)

Thank you for your time and happy shopping!